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Your initial patent on Azul Virtual. When conducting the entrance examination, the pilot can choose in which equipment he wants to start his flights. They are: ATR 72-600 or Embraer 190/195. Once the equipment has been selected, the pilot must submit a valid log within 7 days from the date of approval of his registration. Any questions, the pilot can contact our HR or even the Training Department. In this patent, the pilot must comply with a minimum of 50 hours and pass a theoretical test to be promoted to the First Officer.- No minimum experience is required.
After an initial period as Co-Pilot in training, our member may enjoy some privileges as First Officer. New routes will be included in your flight schedule, new knowledge tests will be made available, the member may request withdrawal for up to 30 days annually and, from that moment on, may request transfer to the Airbus Team, among other benefits. This experience as First Officer will be extremely important, until the moment that, completing 200 hours, the member can request his promotion to the National Captain. For this, the member must take a theoretical test and a practical exam with our Training Department.- Minimum experience: 50 hours.
Intended by all pilots, the patron of Captain is only granted to those who deserve it. It is necessary that the pilot has a significant experience in the equipment chosen, besides, of course, to carry out some theoretical and practical exams with our Training Department. At this point in his career, the member will have the entire network of routes flown by Azul Virtual available for reservation. Also, you will be entitled to request withdrawal for up to 60 days annually, as well as unlocking some exclusive theoretical exams. Finally, at this moment, the pilot can fly any equipment operated in the national network of Azul Virtual.- Minimum experience: 200 hours.
The experience gained as National Captain, makes the pilot opt ??for the international career in Azul Virtual. After conducting some theoretical and practical exams with our Training Department, the member can be promoted to International Co-Pilot, being able to carry out some flights outside Brazil. Of course, you can still fly any route in the national network of Azul Virtual.- Minimum experience: 400 hours.
Finally, the goal of all pilot. Get to the top of your career, be fully aware that you have the experience and knowledge necessary to be at that position. In this part of his professional career, the member will be able to enjoy all the routes and equipment operated by Azul Virtual, in addition to unlocking exclusive exams. Also, you may request a stay of up to 90 days. Here, your success will be rewarded with the admiration of those who are starting and entering to Azul Virtual's Team. Here, sky is the limit!- Minimum experience: 600 hours.
This patent will be granted through an internal invitation from Azul Virtual and according to the need. For this function, the member must have the rank of International Captain, in addition to having a vast experience in aviation. We are extremely careful about these choices, because the function requires several qualities to exercise it. If you have not received the invitation, and understand that you have enough experience and quality for the position, please contact us.